Katie is a seal colorpoint ragdoll cat who is one of our ragdoll breeders.

This is Misty, mother of Gracie and one of our female ragdoll cats.  Misty is a blue mitted with a blaze ragdoll.

A closeup of misty the ragdoll cat and her blue eyes


Fancy is a future queen. We started calling her fancy pants as a pet name (no pun intended) until we could think of a name that would suit her. She still doesn’ t have an official name so we still call her fancy.  She is a seal bicolor lynx female ragdoll cat.




This is Pearl, another future breeder. She is a lilac colorpoint ragdoll.


pearl, a lilac ragdoll cat and female ragdoll breeder





Maddie ragdoll queen





Fantasia female breeder queen





Callie mitted ragdoll



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