Seal Colorpoint Ragdoll
Katie, female breeder


Blue Point Ragdoll
Callie, female ragdoll cat
Callie, ragdoll breeding queen


Seal Mitted with a Blaze Ragdoll Cat
Hope, ragdoll female cat


Blue Mitted with a Blaze Ragdoll Cat
Misty, ragdoll cat and breeder

Maddie Rose

Blue Bicolor Female Cat
Maddie, Ragdoll breeder queen
Maddie, female ragdoll cat

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  1. I am currently researching Ragdoll Breeders with the hope of adding two males to my life. I live in Fort Worth and am 68 years old. I lost my two male Ragdolls at ages 15 and 16, two and three years ago. I have been widowed for three years and feel I am ready to be a good mommy again. I have no other pet children. My last two were male seal points and a blue lynx mitted. I would love to have one of each again.
    Would you please contact me regarding information on when you will have kittens available. I would love to visit with you. Thank you, Victoria

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