Kali – A happily adopted Ragdoll

This post is part of our collection of stories and comments from people who have previously gotten a Ragdoll Kitten from Graceful Dolls Ragdoll Cattery.  They share how happy they are with their cats.

We bought our Ragdoll cat, Kali, as a kitten from Graceful Dolls Cattery a little over a year ago. She has since been a wonderful addition to our family. I was initially attracted to the Ragdoll breed by their stunning looks. At the time I was an employee at Petsmart, and the Griffins always came in with pictures of these beautiful cats and kittens they had at their home. When I went to their house to see their cats I was very impressed with the conditions the ragdolls were kept in and how caring and gentle they were with the ragdolls.

When we brought Kali home, we found that the cattery had also done a terrific job getting the kittens litter box trained, and trained to a scratcher. They were great about answering any questions we had about further house training and their information was very helpful once we got her home.

Living with Kali has been a real blast, she has enough personality for several cats but all packed into one. She likes to “talk” to you. . . Heaven help you if you forget to fill her food bowl, she will NOT let you forget! I have even held “full conversations” with her where she meows back a response to everything I say to her. Quite the back-talker! She also likes to help out around the house. I have several fish tanks and when it is time to change the water, she hops up on a chair and watches the fish swim and keeps an eye on things. I fully believe she thinks she is helping.  She was very easy to train to stay off of the furniture, and she gets along great with our dogs, who she has even been caught snuggling with from time to time.

If  we ever decide to buy Kali another kitty friend, there is no question who we will be calling!

Ragdoll Cat - Kali

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