Older Kittens for sale

Last Updated 11/20/11
These ragdoll kittens are just a couple months older, but still need a good, loving home. They still do not have a registered name, and come with all the guarantees and registrations that any other ragdoll kitten comes with.

This is a six month old female.  Available for adoption.  Currently called Susie,  a seal mitted tortie with a blaze ragdoll kitten.

Susie,  Seal Mitted Tortie with a Blaze ragdoll kittenA ragdoll kitten close up - Seal Mitted Tortie with a Blazeragdoll kitten available for adoption lying on rug

A Blue/Cream Mitted Ragdoll Kitten Female.  She is seven months old and currently called Pinkie.  Available for adoption.
Blue/Cream Mitted Female ragdoll kitten close-upfemale ragdoll kitten sitting on a rug

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