This is Prudence, a blue bicolor ragdoll who is also our first ragdoll cat. We went to Colorado to pick her up from Wendy Francisco of Crack O Noon Ragdoll Cattery. Prudence in now retired and house mom to all the other ragdoll kittens. We are so thankful to Wendy for our Dear Queen ragdoll breeder, Prudence and our King ragdoll breeder, Lambert.

Prudence the retired ragdoll breeder, looking toward the cameraPrudence, a retired female ragdoll breeder

This is Jackson, a seal bicolor male ragdoll cat. Now living in his forever home in Missouri.

Jackson, a retired male breeder, stretching at his scratching postJackson, a male ragdoll cat, playing with a toy

This is Chloe. She is a beautiful seal colorpoint ragdoll cat. This is another retired ragdoll breeder.

Chloe, retired ragdoll breeder, hanging out stretchingChloe the ragdoll breeder staring offA full length picture of Chloe the ragdoll

Holly, a blue bicolor is also a retired female ragdoll breeder.

holly a ragdoll breeder, sittingHolly, a female ragdoll cat, looking upHolly a ragdoll cat, lying around

Gracie is a Queen at Graceful Dolls. She is a blue/cream colorpoint female.

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